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5 Reasons to buy a battery system from us:

  • 10 year warranty

  • Fully modular system

  • Easy installation

  • Best solar battery deal in Australia

  • Clean Energy Australia (CEC) accreditation

About the Solar Battery Store

The Solar Battery Store is the retail division of Solar Energy Warehouse – one of Australia’s leading importers of solar batteries. When you buy your battery from us you really are buying from the importer and this is how we are able to offer such amazing prices. 
‘The Dyness battery with its inbuilt Battery Management System is a market leader.’  Tim Dennehy – Customer

The best value
packages in Australia!

Your package includes:
Dyness Powerbox Battery with Lux Power Inverter

Alpha ESS all-in-one inverter and battery

Dyness Powerbox Battery


Lux Power Inverter

Alpha ESS all-in-one SMILE5 with 10.3kWh battery

The Dyness B4850 is perfect for your RV or caravan

Book an obligation free 30 min consultation to discuss your battery needs for your caravan or RV.

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    Make the most out of your existing solar system.

    Drastically increase your self-sufficiency and reduce your dependency on the grid.

    Don’t be left in the dark.

    Protect yourself from blackouts and keep essential circuits in your home going when you loose your power.

    Better return on investment than money in the bank.

    With the current low interest rates a solar battery will give you a much better return for your dollar than money in the bank!

    CEC Accredited quality products

    All our products are CEC accredited and approved for solar battery rebate schemes in your state.

    Book an obligation free 30 min consultation to discuss your solar battery needs for your home.

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      Your partners for
      your solar battery solutions

      We are a small business, committed to
      supporting our customers.


      Your partners for
      your solar battery solutions.

      We are a small business, committed to supporting our customers.

      Nestor Diaz BE civil


      George Drougas BE civil


      Solar Energy Warehouse is a small company with a focus on customer service. When you call you will be talking to one of the owners.

      Nestor and George are both qualified and experienced civil engineers who have worked in many infrastructure areas including domestic property development, commercial property development and telecommunications.

      The partners are both passionate about working towards a future Australia that is less reliant for energy on non renewable, carbon intensive legacy systems towards solar powered homes that can store their own electricity and be independent from the grid.

      A properly installed solar/inverter/battery system can save home owners a lot of money while also reducing carbon emissions and making the planet a better place for all of us to live.


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