Financing Options to Purchase Solar Batteries


At Solar Battery Store we understand that purchasing batteries is a substantial investment and not every family might have the spare funds laying around. That is why we are happy to to suggest three options below to finance your new battery system. At Solar Battery Store, we do not provide financial advice and you should consider seeking financial assistance before making any decision. Mortgage Re-draw The most common and sound option to purchase your battery system is to draw down on your mortgage with your existing bank.  This will most likely give you the cheapest interest rate as it will be the same as your current mortgage, which are at historic low rates with no sign of increase for the next few years. Personal Loans Check out the finance provider CP Money who are happy to offer their services to all customers. They will discuss your financial situation, requirements with you and look at the possibility of tailoring a personal loan to meet your needs. Please click on the link here and fill in the 'contact us' section of their page, and they will contact you to arrange a discussion with you. Other personal loan providers to consider are: Handypay - Plenti - Money Me - Credit Cards Using credit cards to purchase solar batteries [...]