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Who is Handypay?

We have partnered with Handypay so customers can access a simple, affordable green loan for their solar panels and home batteries. Get a no-obligation quote and pre-approval in minutes, not weeks. Save Now, Pay Later - a handy way to pay!
Flexible Payment Plans

$2,001 - $75,000
Available Terms
1 - 10 Years
Repayment Options
Weekly, Fortnightly
Simple, Affordable Payment Plans
What interest will I pay?

Rate start from an introductory rate of 5.79% p.a. (comparison rate of 6.81% p.a.), reverting to 9.99% p.a. for the remaining term up to 10 years*.

An inquiry won't impact your credit score

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How it Works

You Apply
Apply to Save Now and Pay Later, with no-obligation pre-approval.
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Approved in seconds & we pay the vendor
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Own it today with flexible payments
Save Now, Pay Later.
An inquiry won't impact your credit score
Click 'Get Started' and receive a decision in seconds
Once Approved, Handypay will cover the upfront cost of your purchase
Repayments are conveniently scheduled in line with your income
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