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Supporting Home Builders


There is an increased focus from home buyers on energy efficiency and sustainability features in their homes.  The main drivers for this increased focus could be social awareness, financial benefits, energy independence and more. There is a growing demand from new home buyers in Australia for the new home building industry to offer lower emission homes with lower ongoing energy costs.  This is driving the expectation that new homes built in Australia be designed with high energy efficiency ratings of a minimum of 7 stars.  This 7-star rating would provide the homeowners with at least 3 distinct benefits: They would qualify for a green home loan securing them a 0.4 % discount on their home loan rates from participating banks, for a period of 5 years. The resale value of their homes would attract a 10% premium compared to a comparable house that did not have the same high efficiency rating. Ongoing reduced energy consumption costs. Home builders could become market leaders by offering high efficiency homes that meet the market’s growing expectations.  Home builders could offer 7 star rated versions for their range of homes, or even make all their homes 7 star rated, to gain a competitive advantage in the domestic building industry. There are several ways to achieve a seven-star efficiency [...]

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Get a battery for your RV


There is a growing trend in the Recreational Vehicle (RV) market (ie caravans, motorhomes, campervans and camper trailers) to replace the traditional lead-acid batteries with new lithium batteries (Lithium Ion Phosphate - LiFePO4). There are several reasons for this: Weight Reduction - with the relevant state police forces cracking down on overweight camper trailers, many owners are now looking to strip out weight from their RV vehicles so they are within the legal weight limits by replacing their lead-acid batteries with LiFePO4 lithium RV batteries which are about 25% of the weight and volume of traditional lead-acid batteries, and about 70% of the weight of AGM batteries. This means that by swapping out lead-acid for lithium batteries, the battery capacity can be greatly increased while reducing (or at most equaling) the current volumetric space. These days with ever increasing number of electronic devices installed in modern RVs, this increase in battery capacity is very much needed. High Efficiency - LiFePO4 lithium batteries are generally >95% efficient whereas lead-acid or AGM batteries range between 80% to 85% efficiency. Depth of Discharge (DOD) - LiFePO4 lithium batteries are typically discharged to 80% - 90% on a daily basis and up to 100% in a backup situation without causing any damage, however lead-acid batteries can only be [...]

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Are solar batteries cost effective? The verdict is in!


There’s a lot of noise around about whether it makes financial sense to install home batteries or not. Many installers are discouraging customers from installing batteries, even though consumer interest in self-storage has increased dramatically over the last year. The Pfitzner family from the Sydney suburb of Kellyville Ridge was the first home in the world to have a Tesla Powerwall (6.4 kWh) battery installed four years ago, and there was much conjecture from industry about whether it would be worth it or not. Four years later, and the family has revealed that they pay 46 cents per day (on average) to run their four-bedroom home, which includes all the usual appliances plus air conditioning and a pool. Their quarterly bills reduced from $572.29 to just $45.16 (a reduction of 92 per cent) equating to a saving of over $8,400 over the last 4 years. Their overall electricity costs over the last 4 years has amazingly been just $677.34, which is even more impressive when you consider that power prices are increasing by 10 to 15 per cent per annum on average. The family also stated that with the software apps that come with the battery system, they can track their energy consumption resulting in them being able to modify their usage patterns to [...]

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