Why would you want to have a quick chat with us about solar batteries?

  • We’re all engineers at Solar Battery Store and all we do everyday is talk about our favourite topic – solar batteries for homes!

  • We guarantee that you’ll come away from your free phone consultation better informed and with an understanding of what type of battery would be most effective in your situation.

  • We specialise in helping Aussies add the best batteries to their existing solar system however if you don’t have solar yet & are thinking about a full off-grid solution we can talk your ear off about how to do that too.

  • It’s actually no obligation. We get that our batteries aren’t right for everyone however we’re dedicated to making the home solar industry better and helping educate people is our way of doing that.

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Here’s the type of feedback we get after our free phone consultations: “Thank you so much! You completely clarified solar batteries for me, answered all my questions and showed me how to save thousands when I do buy one.”

What Will You Get Out Of Your Free Consultation?

In your discussion you should expect to find out:

  • How to work out what size battery you need for your home so that you aren’t overspending

  • How the different types of batteries will affect your system & your wallet

  • How to get access to wholesale prices for your new battery (saving $3-4k or more)

  • How much installation should cost you so you don’t pay more than you should to your installer.

  • The differences between the manufacturers of the current batteries & why this can help you save money.

  • How to make your home completely off-grid capable (if you want to).

  • Answers to any other questions you have about solar batteries!

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Hi George,

just want to thank you and your team for all your support and knowledge during design and commissioning – and for the excellent after-sales service.

We now have a solid system, that caters for all our needs. The Dyness battery with its inbuilt BMS is a market leader.

I would encourage prospective clients to make contact with you, as it’s a great alternative. It has taken us on Birdsville, Oodanatta and Stretzleke track to Coober Pedy and return.

We run 2 full size monitors, computer, printer, paper-shredder. As well as coffee pod machine, and the usual hair appliances for the wife as well as the microwave, washing machine and big TV.

Once again thank you,


Tim Dennehy, Director & Specialist Finance Professional

I recently purchased a complete off grid setup for our truck camper. Both Nestor and George have been fantastic to deal with. Right from the initial quote to after sales tech support and information. 
I would definitely recommend them.


Paul Schutte

Paul Schutte, RV enthusiast

A Few Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if you’re ready for a phone consultation yet? Here are a few frequently asked questions so that we can help you understand how we can help.

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Why Is The Phone Consultation Free?

We understand that batteries are a big purchase so we want to ensure that you do as much research as possible. We’re here to help guide you, answer questions and generally be your go-to for battery wisdom so that you make the right call, whether that is with us or someone else.

Our goal is to spread how effective batteries are for solar systems to as many Aussies as possible.

We’ve found, even when we can’t directly help people with our batteries, at least you’ll know a whole lot more about solar batteries!

Of course, if your setup could benefit from our batteries, we’ll suggest them however we’ll always be up front about your options along with the pros and cons.

Why Would I Want To Add a Battery To My Home Solar System?

Adding batteries to the existing solar system on your house opens up so many opportunities. You are adding huge efficiencies to your existing system because you will be able to use your energy in the evenings, when everything is switched on but the sun has gone down.

If you’re making more power than you use then, with a battery, you could also choose to export the excess energy to the grid at peak times if you’re in a state where the tariffs are different at times of the day. Not sure if your state supports this? That’s why we’re here – another question we can answer.

How Do You Help People Get Wholesale Prices?

There are still huge markups in most sections of solar and that includes batteries. We will walk you through how you can help get around that so you are saving thousands of dollars for the same batteries.

What If I Don’t Have Solar, Can You Still Help?

Yes absolutely, we’re also happy to answer any solar system questions (for your RV or home) you have and point you in the right directions for more information when that’s needed.

Do I Qualify For a State Rebate On My Battery?

The states are constantly changing their rebate rules and so one of the main questions we get is around how people qualify for state rebates. In some states, (as of early 2021) your new battery can be almost free in certain circumstances.

We will run through these with you so that you are fully informed on your consultation.


If you’ve got an existing solar system on your home (or RV) and you’re thinking about adding a battery then let’s chat.

If we still have free consultations available (check the calendar above) then book one in so that we can answer every solar battery question you have and save you days of research along with thousands by understanding how to get wholesale battery prices.

We look forward to chatting with you soon and helping share the love of solar batteries!

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