MPS 12V/24V to 48V DC to DC Charger (20Amp 1000 Watt)

$1,305.88 Incl gst

The MPS12/24V to 48V DC to DC charger has been made to easily and efficiently charge 48 volt battery systems from 12V / 24V alternator and batteries, designed with simplicity of installation and ruggedness in mind.

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  • Automatic input voltage sensing.
  • Automatic start and stop based on input voltage
  • Lithium charging profile. 
  • 100% full rated power.
  • 100% full stable output current.
  • High efficiency up to 95%.
  • IP68 waterproof, Epoxy potting, Anti-vibration, Dustproof.
  • Cooling by air convection.
  • Surface mountable.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Over current protection, over voltage protection, output short circuit protection.
  • Automatic temperature regulation and shutdown on over temperature.



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