UZ Energy Power Lite Plus (PLPA L1-5K2 5kWh)

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The UZ Energy PLPA L1-5K2 is widely used in energy storage and back-up power systems.

For new energy storage, from distributed household energy storage systems to centralized power station energy storage system, the PLPA L1-5K2 plays an excellent role for its modular design.

For back-up power systems, module-based systems can be irreplaceable both in grid or off-grid.

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  • Powered by CATL
    • LiFePO4 cells used in modules are sourced from CATL (largest cell manufacturer in the world)
    • Strong and reliable technical support available from UZ Energy and backed up by CATL technical support team.


    • Safety (tier-1 LFP battery inside)
    • Rigorously tested (IEC & UL certificated)
    • Designed with flexibility and configurability
      (up to 32 units in parallel, expandable to 160 kWh)
    • Self-heating at low temperature
    • Easy installation (automatically pack level
    • Outdoor installation (IP65)
    • Continuous upgrade (OTA)
    • 10-year warranty

    Compact Design

    • Weight/Kg: 50
    • Size/mm:  460W * 652H * 165D
    • Easily stackable

    Intelligent management

    • Advanced BMS control (with active balance among packs).
    • Imbedded high accurate SoC/SoH algorithm (EKF)
    •  Multiple level protection circuit
    • Completed self-protected & wake-up strategy
    • Automatically master/slave cluster configuration
    • Wide range compatible with main-stream inverter
      (various protocol imbedded)

    UZ Portal

    • Free-to-use real-time cloud monitoring portal (SoC/SoH/SoX)
    • Firmware upgrade (OTA)
    • Maximize life span and reliability via online and offline analysis
    • Easy to operate

    Wide Compatibility

    • UZ Energy ESS systems are officially compatible with a wide range of leading solar inverter manufacturers such as Goodwe/Solis/Lux Power/Steca/Sunsynk/Deye.
    • Compatibility tested with numerous other leading solar inverter brands such as SAM/Schneider/Victron/Struder/Aiswei and several others.
    • Full list of compatible inverters.

    Natural Cooling

    • Doesn’t require expensive cooling and ventilation systems

    Longer Lifetime

    • 10 year warranty  when installed by a qualified installer/electrician, and must be registered on the UZ Energy website.

    Easy Installation

    • Practical side hand grips improves operation convenience
    • Quick stacking


    • TUV CE IEC 62619 / 62040 / 61000,  UN38.3, CEC.

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